Love 3 | Don’t Rush

Love is patient. Take your time to discover the qualities that you admire about your spouse. Take your time to discover the flaws. No one is perfect – there will be flaws. With time, you will know which flaws you can / cannot / are willing to tolerate.

Love is patient. Ask yourself, do you really, really know him/her? Do you really know how he/she handles conflict? Have you disagreed before? How did the two of you handle that disagreement? Were you pleased with the way it was handled? Don’t rush. Live in the moment. Understand each moment. Pray about the moments, both good and bad. With time, you’ll know. So, don’t rush.

Love is patient. If he/she promises to love you forever, then he/she will love you today, tomorrow, next month, next year, in 3 years. Don’t rush. Don’t be manipulated. Listen to your heart, yes, but also your head. Take it slow. Love is patient.


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