Kailash | “Foodgarsmic” Indian Cuisine

It was Ladies Night in Ridgewood, NJ.
We needed the perfect meal to erase life's current challenges.
East Indian spices had to be the perfect remedy.


The mix of herbs and spices, embedded in our Lamb Biryani and 
Shrimp Achari Machli, was almost therapeutic. 
We were stunned into silence...
... especially when the waiter served us Tikka Masala sauce.
This sauce nulled all our GRE vocabulary. 
All we could muster was "Hmmm!" and 
"Ohmigod, this is sooooo good. So sooooo good!"  

The owner of the restaurant was so pleased by our foodgarsmic 
moments, that we were treated to dessert "compliments of the Chef."

Ginger Icecream

Ginger Icecream

Thank you Kailash! You fed our souls in the most indescribable way.

4 thoughts on “Kailash | “Foodgarsmic” Indian Cuisine

  1. I love your blog! So I tried out Kailash and let me tell you! It’s not as pretty as this blog made it out to be sadly :/ The food was half good and half bad. The staple chicken tikka massala was nice and spicy very good. The Saag was terrible tasted like watered down spinach. But what got to me the most is that the server would not accept my tip! I just tried to give her 10 dollars because they were so understaffed and she was quite helpful. She said they can’t accept tips and she sheepishly told us she only make 9 dollars an hour! and no tips, just for that reason I would not return.


    • Hi, Laney! Glad you love the blog. Admittedly, I haven’t posted anything in months. So sorry to hear that your Kailash experience wasn’t the best. Perhaps they changed chefs? That’s unfortunate that they don’t accept tips. I vaguely remember leaving a tip though. Perhaps management has changed since I’ve last been there.


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