I’m not poor! I’m impecunious.

One of my best friends, is studying for her GRE. She keeps me entertained with her new vocabulary.

“Bella, I don’t want to be impecunious,” she said.

And, I couldn’t help but laugh. I am quite convinced that the Queen created that word to avoid using the word “poor.” The Webster dictionary hints that I am right because the word was first used in the Medieval times.

If you saw a vagrant, with a placard that read, “Help me, I’m impecunious,” what would your first instinct be? I’d think it was a new disease. When in fact, poverty has existed from since the dawn of time.

I imagine the Queen loved that word. She could now say, “My royal subjects, many people in The United Kingdom are living in dire, impecunious conditions. Today, I implore Parliament to implement the anti-impecunious decree.”

Ahh, GRE, I wish I knew why you existed.


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