On Spirituality

I believe there is good and there is evil.
that upon death, the good are rewarded and the evil are not.
That good is relative because we are all susceptible to sin.
Small sins and big, deliberate sins.

I believe that there is a God.
And God has no gender.
That God lives in all of us.
That atheists do not believe in God because they blame Him for allowing awful things to happen.
That atheists, by default, believe in God because they are blaming Him.
That scientists who are atheists should have their degrees revoked.
Because physics and biology prove that God exists.

I believe that God created us to heal the world.
And when we sit back and let awful things happen, we are not fulfilling our purpose.

I believe in reincarnation.
Because it’s the only way I can explain meeting someone in this life for the first time while knowing in my heart that I’ve met them before.
Because when I look at them, I am staring into familiar eyes.

I believe that religion divides but love unites.
But that a child should grow up in a church because it gives him the basic foundation of who God is.
That the bible is a guideline and not a rule book.
That irregardless of culture and race and religion, our core belief to love is the same.

I believe in love.
Love is my religion.