Once Upon A Time | At Georgia Tech

As written by Bella Agnes in 2006.


Ok…so I get on the Tech Trolley this morning at the Midtown Station at 8:34 am to be precise…and just my luck, I get to sit behind this weird a$$ guy on the trolley. As soon as he settles into his seat, he engages into a mechanistic cycle of taking his left pinky finger, places it into his left eardrum, and starts digging for earwax. Once he found is treasure, he watches it for a brief second, flicks it off with is left thumb or places it into his MOUTH! It reminded me of ChBE 2100 when I was learning the mass in = mass out process…oh lawd! And when he got bored with the left ear, he switched over to the right…
The dude proceeded to do this for 11 minutes! Yes I timed him! I was dismayed, disgusted, appalled, unnerved, wanted to barf, tempted to slap him upside the head, and be like, what the hell are u doing…

I tried to look out the window at the beautiful scenery…but I have to admit that I was oddly fascinated by his rather obsessive compulsive disorder…Never have I seen someone do this in PUBLIC before! Of course, I’ve never seen anyone do this in PRIVATE either :D.

I felt sorry for the guy seating right beside him. You should have seen how he jumped out of his seat when he arrived at his stop at the ES&T building, but me I had another two minutes to endure!

And then, the earwax-picking dude had the audacity to hold the handle of the seat when he stood up at the Dorm Stop across the MSE building! Hell NO! and then he holds onto the silver bars on the ceiling of the Tech Trolley, and I was forced to be reminded of all the germs that we pick up everyday, not knowing who touched what after doing what! Shyt! Shyt to the power of infinity!


Lucky for me, I am short! I thank God for the little height he gave me everyday! why? because holding onto those silver bars on the trolley literally dislocates my shoulder! I tried once and had to tippy toe to reach it…lol 😀

All i know is that this was the longest 11 minutes of my life! …